Jesus: The Mistreated Son of God

Jesus:  Mistreated Son of God

This past Sunday I preached on Jesus being the Mistreated Son of God.   It was good to study the life of Jesus and realize that his suffering was more than just was he experienced during his trial and crucifixion on the cross.  From the time he born until he cried “It is finished” on the cross his life was marked with suffering. 

He was rejected by man, despised by man, betrayed by man, denied by man, misunderstood by man and used by man, yet he choose to die for man.  What an amazing Savior we serve!  John Piper, in his book, Seeing & Savoring Jesus Christ said:

If ‘a good name is to be chosen rather than great riches’ (Proverbs 22:1), Jesus was doubly poor. Not only has he ‘made himself nothing,’ giving up the glorious riches of heaven (Philippians 2:7-8) in order to live among us as one who had ‘nowhere to lay his head’ (Luke 9:58), but through it all, his reputation was stained again and again. The slander was unrelenting. The rumors were incorrigible. The half-truths were too devious to answer. And in the end, the “good name” of the greatest man was ruined in Jerusalem. The crowds that hailed him as king crucified him as a criminal.”

Praise God for His Son who was willing to be mistreated so that we can be treated in a way we don’t deserve.  That is grace.


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